He had his 6th birthday on the Thursday and was ready to race in the first round of the Irish Championship on the Saturday on his KTM Pro Junior 50. Being of quite small stature he started the race from behind the grid, resting his feet on two pieces of wood on either side of the bike. All went well until he fell off and was stuck in the mud, under the bike like a tortoise.

Since then Rhys has gone from strength to strength moving up through the grades with much success. His fun loving spirit makes him popular both on and off the bike. He has met all his challenges head on celebrating his achievements and learning from his disappointments. His natural attention to detail has from a very young age helped him quickly identify any problems with his bike, making bike set up and engine preparation much easier.

2014: Husqvarna TC Small Wheel 85
2014 has been another good year for Rhys. He moved up to the 85cc Class riding a Husqvarna TC SW 85cc for HTM Off road. Rhys spent the winter training at Magilligan MX sand track alongside riders such as Stuart Edmunds, Martin Barr, Natalie Kane and short circuit riders Glen and Graham Irwin and Alastair Seeley. Never afraid of a challenge, he has had a very successful year, winning all of the Championships he has entered the except the Ulster Championship, finishing 2nd. He went into the 5th round of the Championship 20 points clear but ended the day 2 points behind having a DNF due to mechanical failure. This year Rhys also had the opportunity to ride with WRT racing in the Pit Bike Championship with the Bushmills Club at the Northwest 200 Grass track.

2014: Results:
1st Place SW 85cc Ulster 2 stroke GR7 Championship
1st Place SW 85cc Donegal Championship
1st Place SW 85cc Bushmills Championship
2nd Place SW 85cc Ulster Championship
1st Place Pit Bike Bushmills Championship

2013: KTM 65cc
Following a hard winter of training at Magilligan MX track in Derry the year began well for Rhys on his 65cc KTM. The season was plagued with injury 1st Place 65cc Donegal Championship, 1 Place Round 7 65cc Irish Championship, rd 3 Place 65cc Ulster Championship

2012: KTM 65cc
A very enjoyable year for Rhys setiling in well on his 65cc KTM. Rhys was invited to train with Philip McCullough at Magilligan MX training Academy. He was picked by Davey Mulligan to atiend a winter training school at Desertmartin International MX track were he had one-to-one tuition with the great Johnny Rea. 1st Place 65cc Junior Class Donegal Championship, 1st Place 65cc Junior Class Monaghan Championship, 4th Place 65cc Junior Class Ulster Championship, 5th Place 65cc Junior Class Irish Championship

2011: 65cc KTM Cadet Class
This was a huge step up for the 8 year old onto the much bigger geared 65cc KTM. Rhys took to the gears like a duck to water and enjoyed a very successful year. He won the very prestigious 'Chairpersons Choice Award for the Most Promising Youth Rider.' 1st Place 65cc Cadet Class Ulster Club Championship, 1st Place 65cc Cadet Class Holeshot Championship, 1st Place 65cc Cadet Class GH Championship, 1st Place 65cc Cadet Class Monaghan Championship, 2nd Place 65cc Cadet Class Donegal Championship, 2nd Place 65cc cadet Class Carrickfergus Championship.

2010: Results Pro Senior KTM 50cc Automatic
1st Place 50cc Automatic Monaghan Championship, 2nd Place 50cc Automatic Donegal Championship, 2nd Place Carrickfergus Championship, 4th Place 50cc Automatic Ulster Championship, 4th Place 50cc Automatic Irish Championship, (Awarded the 'Most Promising Donegal Rider' Shield).

2009: KTM 50cc Pro Senior
This was Rhys' first full year racing in the National competitions. 7th Ulster 65cc championship 5th Donegal Championship

2008: KTM 50cc Pro Junior

Rhys was riding a non competitive bike during this year and did not do a full Championship. He enjoyed racing from the back of the pack until he discovered trophies and between rolling around in the mud and difficulties geting his bike started his trophy collection grew until he persuaded his Dad to buy him a proper race bike.